Vintage Buttercups

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Good Morning! 
This is a little experiment I did with a programme to make photos looking like "vintage". I love the final result, especially on this pic,  with buttercups (I think this is their english name)!
This pic sounds so romantic, doesn't it?

Questo è un piccolo esperimento che ho fatto con un programma trovato per caso sulla rete qualche giorno fa: dà un effetto "vintage" alle foto, e poteva un'appassionata di vintage e cose retrò come me sottrarsi alla tentazione? Ovviamente no ;)
Questo è l'effetto finale, molto romantico! Non male no? A me piace moltissimo! :)

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Just a Sunny Day

Oggi è stata una giornata stupenda, tanto sole e zero nuvole, e il cielo su Roma era così limpido e azzurro che sembrava fosse già arrivata la primavera. Ho deciso allora di trascorrere un pomeriggio di libertà dallo studio con la mia amica Teodora… siamo andate allo store di Yves Saint Laurent, nel quale ogni volta raggiungo la pace dei sensi ammirando le varie tribtoo, borse, clutch e compagnia cantante, e dove Tea ha preso per sé uno strabellissimo arty ring (quello turchese, meraviglioso!). E poi siamo andate a goderci il sole al belvedere sul Colosseo, uno dei posti che preferiamo nella nostra Roma.

Today's been a glorious day, lot of sun and not a cloud, and the sky over Rome was so limpid and blue that it seemed like Spring was already here. I've decided to spend a study-free  afternoon with my friend Teodora... we've been at the YSL store, where I always reach the perfect happiness admiring tribtoo, purses, clutches and so on, and where Tea got the absolutely gorgeous turquoise arty ring. and later we ended up at the viewpoint over Colosseum, one of our favourite places in our little Rome..

IMG_1076 IMG_1117
(Photos by Teodora & Me)

I was wearing:
Zara Faux Leather Pants
GAP sweater
Converse Sneakers
Max&Co Burgundy Scarf
H&M Red Nail Nailpolish
YSL Arty Ring


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British Style/ how to get it!

Hello guys! I've just found a funny guide that explains how to get a perfect and impeccable british look, making a list of the 50 essentials that CAN'T miss in a real british girl's closet! Let's see!

1. Gold Hoop Earrings For days when you wanna look J.Lo glam. These shouldn’t be so big as to look like you haven’t got over the gypsy trend, nor so small as to make you look like a three-year-old on a council estate.
2. A Beret For bad-hair days. It will take you straight to Kim Basinger in Batman. Just don’t obsess about the angle: they should be worn with nonchalance.
3. A Vintage Ossie Clark Dress Separates the women from the girls. Fabulously flattering at any age, from 18 to 80.
4. Expensive Black Lace Lingerie At least one set. For obvious reasons.
5. A Pair Of Thermal Shorts For when you want to wear a skirt without tights, but it’s a bit parky outside.
6. Silk Stockings A rite of passage for every woman — and, subsequently, for her man. In slightly unusual shades — such as petrol or burgundy — they make an outfit. And in this country they can be worn for three-quarters of the year.
7. A Decent Trench Coat Some people are scared of trenches because they look fussy — they’re not. Everyone from Burberry to M&S does them, so there’s no excuse.
8. A Leather Jacket It should be cropped and fitted nicely around your waist. Takes you from a gig to the supermarket via your mum’s and a first date. Enough said.
9. A Good Wallet Because if a bag matters, so does your purse — and people see it all the time. Jimmy Choo’s, we feel, are particularly well thought-out.
10. A Pair Of Falsies (eyelashes, that is). Instant divadom.
11. A Vintage Dress One that’s seen much better days — for being very trashy in.
12. A Pair Of Mad Sunglasses They should be too mad to go on a date in, but just mad enough to feel liberated. 
13. A Short Black Bob Wig Check out of you-ness and be Louise Brooks for the day.
14. A String Of Real Pearls Or Real Pearl Earrings Great for the complexion, as they diffuse light across your face.
15. A T-shirt Dress One you’ve had since you were 22. Just throw it on and go.
16. A Pair Of Men's Brogues For looking playfully serious.
17. Something Delicate And Ancient It must be kept in acid-free tissue paper — anything made of Victorian lace, for example.
18. Derek Rose Flannel Pajamas For spending Sundays and sickies in.
19. White Cords Less flash than white denim, more elegant than jeans. Wear with a navy pea coat, and you are Jackie O.
20. A Khakhi Parka Just like the one Kate Moss wore with those Westwood boots in 2000. Never goes out of style, always looks cool — whatever anyone says.
21. Greek Sandals Ones that age beautifully and last for ever.
22. Bold Statement Heels Six inches? Toe cleavage? Huge platform? Orange PVC? Perfect. Shoes that get people talking. And never stop.
23. A Black Cashmere Rollneck If you must wear basics, console yourself with luxury. Audrey Hepburnesque and great with jeans and minis.
24. Hairspray And Kirby Grips For dramatic evening up-dos.
25. A Cameo Brooch These are practical, but always remarkable, and their colours don’t clash with outfits — unlike jewelled brooches.
26. Boat Necks If you have a strong collarbone, show off this alternative erogenous zone.
27. A Watch Needn’t be expensive, but should either have a small face and a fabric or leather strap; or be chunky and sporty — aka the “boyfriend watch”.
28. Japanese Dark Denim Jeans Very simple, narrow, but not skinny, wide or bootcut. Never, ever wash them.
29. A Slightly-Too-Short LCD (little coloured dress). Black is okay, but purple (see Michelle Obama), red or jade are better.
30. A Colossal Cocktail Ring For when you need instant cheer.
31. Decent Wellington Boots Le Chameau, Argyll and Hunter all pass muster. Never be caught in a shiny novelty pair — you will be outed as a novice in an instant.
32. Leather Driving Gloves. For looking murderously chic. Get them from the high street — no point spending a fortune, as gloves are so easily lost.
33. A Breton Top Insouciant, witty, timeless, French, sexy.
34. Cashmere Socks It’s not a style thing, it’s a love thing: a love-yourself thing.
33. A Silk Square It can serve as a belt, a neckscarf, a duster — and as a headscarf, is just perfect for autumn bike rides.
36. A Hidden Tattoo The element of surprise is essential. 
37. Ruby Slippers Just the one pair?
38. A Grey Hoodie Otherwise you’ll look like you were never a teenager.
39. A Family Heirloom Bracelet, brooch or diamond-set watch — to ignite conversation.
40. A Shag-Me Bra To be seen peeking out from your top.
41. A Pair Of Gold Lame Leggings Because you never know when you might be called upon to go dancing, and it’s hard to keep up with what the kids wear in clubs these days.
42. A Tiny Decadent Evening Bag It should only have space for a note and a credit card.
43. Something From Chanel Anything at all.
44. A Pair Of Fake Spectacles For last-minute librarian chic.
45. A Fur Stole Fake works fine. Guaranteed to elicit attention when worn flung over shoulders with red lipstick.
46. A Brown Leather Tote These look better the more battered and bruised they get.
47. A Big, Patterned, Woollen Scarf Something hippie-ish you can swathe yourself in come rain or shine. The best are bought on holiday and have bright and pretty colours. Will take a T-shirt and jeans to stylish and original levels.
48. A Tea Dress The greatest thing to come out of the 1940s — utterly wearable and endlessly flattering. Vintage numbers are always best.
49. A 100% Silk Slip Like the one Rachel from Friends wore on her date with Joshua. Every girl needs one for night-time. A pain to wash, but totally worth it.
50. Spanx Because, sigh, we all have days when we need them. 

Ok, do you think it would have been easier, don't you? Ahah, I know, this list would scare even the super british Alexa Chung!
By the way, I hugely LOOOVE the british style, and now even more, because of its eclecticism, versatility, and because it's completely out of time, but never out of fashion! Yes, I'm a real fanatic ♥.

Here's two perfect examples of the British Style:

Alexa Chung


Emma Watson (here in Burberry trenches, more british than this...)

Do you feel a bit more British now?

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Erkan Coruh

Eccomi qui a raccontarvi della mia prima esperienza in una vera sfilata di moda, quella dello stilista Erkan Coruh nell'ambito dell'evento AltaRoma AltaModa. Naturalmente a causa della mia sbadataggine e del mio scarso talento da fashion blogger non avevo con me la macchina fotografica per documentare il tutto, e per queste foto stupende ho dovuto setacciare il web.
Bene, detto ciò passiamo alle impressioni...
Le MODELLE innanzitutto. Siamo tutti abbastanza abituati ormai all'immagine della modella, anche chi non segue il mondo della moda da vicino, sono così magre, così lunghe, si ok, ma dal vivo è tutta un'altra cosa! Veramente impressionante, nel senso proprio che mi ha fatto impressione! Alcune sembravano stessero letteralmente per cadere a terra sfinite, e la maggior parte di loro era talmente sottile che gli abiti non cadevano neanche benissimo.
Ho sempre pensato che sarebbe stato bellissimo avere un fisico da modella, ora un po' meno.
Il PUBBLICO, si anche lui. Mi ha fatto un po' strano vivere la moda da insider per la prima volta, in mezzo a tutta quella gente (credo quasi tutti giornalisti del settore) super cool super fashion super up-to-date super amica, tutta però sinceramente appassionata, in suspence attendendo l'uscita della prima modella, come se quella fosse la cosa più importante del mondo... confesso che in fondo è stato emozionante!
La SFILATA. Sulle prime ero SCONVOLTA. Perchè. Perchè gli elementi caratteristici della collezione erano i capelli, capelli umani! Sugli orli, sulle scarpe, sulle clutch, ovunque. Superato lo sconvolgimento iniziale ho cominciato ad apprezzare i modelli: linee pulite e minimal, addirittura classiche oserei, e capelli come ornamento, ma in fondo perchè no? sempre meglio della pelliccia...

erkan09 erkan15

Spero di poter operare come una blogger più coscienziosa la prossima volta! :D

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I've literally fallen in love with this song: "Casting" by Mambassa (here's their website), an italian punk.folk rock band. they're so good! and what about the videoclip? i love it, so simple and direct at the same time... what's more it's beautifully performed by some of the italian most young and talented actors and actresses (i have to say i'm so proud of them!). And i confess: i love Vinicio Marchioni's glance! Enjoy!

mi sono letteralmente innamorata di questa canzone: "Casting" dei Mambassa (qui il loro sito), una band punk.folk rock tutta italiana, sono davvero bravi! e che dire del video? lo adoro, così semplice e diretto insieme... inoltre è "interpretato" da alcuni dei più bravi e talentuosi giovani attori italiani ( e devo dire che mi rende orgogliosa vedere del vero talento made in italy!).
E poi confesso, amo lo sguardo di Vinicio Marchioni!
Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate!

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